Monday Morning Wake Up Call 11/8/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 11/8/14

Morning, How are we all?
Hope we are all pumped for an awesome week….
Some interesting discussions last week around what is preventing us from moving forwards? From taking action? From being our best?

What stops us moving forwards is fear. It can destroy our psychology, and it can immobilise us from taking action. We all experience fear in some way during our lives. Fear of rejection, fear of love, or of losing love, fear of abandonment, of being along, or fear of success.

Fear is hardwired into all of us on some level. The secret is to use the fear and to understand it, instead of letting it run us.

So what fears do you have? Why? What is it giving you, holding on to this fear? What are you missing out on by holding on to this fear?

This week, identify what fears you have, and work out how to overcome at least one. It could be public speaking, go to your local Toastmasters club and start public speaking. Work out the steps you have to take what resources you need and get out there and do it. Ask for help if you need, but get out there and start overcoming your fears and see how much more fulfilling and exciting your life can be…