Monday Morning Wake Up Call 7/9/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 7/9/14

Its been a few weeks, life has been a bit crazy which it tends to get sometimes. There has been a lot of ups and downs, with the passing of 3 dearly beloved friends and family in a 2 week period, mixed in with some amazing training that really expanded my growth and thinking & luckily helped keep me with a positive outlook in these hard time.

One of the biggest realisations I have had over the last few weeks is “Love where you’re at”. Embrace where you are right now, don’t sit there focusing on where you should be or could be or where you want to be or worry about what might happen. Love where you’re at right now in this very moment, be present in the moment and aware of everything going on around you. We all get so caught up whats happened in the past, and why we haven’t achieved what we should have because of certain people, situations or circumstances, this usually ends up causing depression of some degree. Alternately people spend a lot of their time sitting focusing on where they wish they were or worry about what might happen in the future, all this causes is anxiety, and chances are that it may never happen. Love where you’re at, you are in exactly the right place you need to be today for amazing things to happen in your future. This realisation alone has provided amazing insights for me in so many area’s of my life, and helped me embrace some fairly crappy situations recently.

Once you have embraced the present, look at what is it you really want to do with your life? Are you doing it?

One of my favourite quotes “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream.” ― Les Brown

This has really struck a chord recently, as there is is no point in waiting to do it tomorrow as there is no guarantee you are going to show up tomorrow to do what you want to do. So get out there and do it today, take the first steps,  and do what you love….

Have an awesome week

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 11/8/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 11/8/14

Morning, How are we all?
Hope we are all pumped for an awesome week….
Some interesting discussions last week around what is preventing us from moving forwards? From taking action? From being our best?

What stops us moving forwards is fear. It can destroy our psychology, and it can immobilise us from taking action. We all experience fear in some way during our lives. Fear of rejection, fear of love, or of losing love, fear of abandonment, of being along, or fear of success.

Fear is hardwired into all of us on some level. The secret is to use the fear and to understand it, instead of letting it run us.

So what fears do you have? Why? What is it giving you, holding on to this fear? What are you missing out on by holding on to this fear?

This week, identify what fears you have, and work out how to overcome at least one. It could be public speaking, go to your local Toastmasters club and start public speaking. Work out the steps you have to take what resources you need and get out there and do it. Ask for help if you need, but get out there and start overcoming your fears and see how much more fulfilling and exciting your life can be…

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 27/7/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 27/7/14

Hope we had a great week last week. Did you follow through & have a think about your personal standards?
Something that has come up a few times recently is with regards to coaching, and by this i mean all types of coaching. Most prevalent are sports coaches, if you look at any top athletes, they all have coaches, usually some one that has been there and done it, but has the technical know how to get the best out of the athlete in their chosen sport.

Whats been interesting recently in talking to a few people that are looking at setting a new challenge in running, swimming, triathlon etc is that quite a few people, choose a coach, pay good money for a program, but then go and question the program. Is it tough enough? Is this what I should be doing? Should I be doing things differently. Unfortunately everyone has different opinions as to how to get the results and in this day and age of easy accessibility to knowledge with the internet it muddies the water even more.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit over the last week and how coaching relates to all facets of life, whether its coaching in sports, life, career, relationship, finances etc, you need to trust the process. If you have found a good coach that has had great results, trust the process, they have been there & done it, they have coached others & been coached themselves. The worst thing you can do is go sharing the program around, getting others to critique it, this will get you know where apart from loosing faith in the program you have.

Work with your coach, follow the process and review your progress down the track. If you have been committed and followed the process 100% and not seen any results, then reevaluate. Otherwise commit to it, give 100% follow the process and see what amazing results you can achieve….

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 21/7/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 21/7/14

Morning, I hope we are all pumped for an awesome week.

One of the things i have been thinking about is what are the standards that we live by.  What is it that we are willing to tolerate in life? what is it we are not willing to tolerate? These are our base standards of living.  but these standards are usually created whilst we are quite young, they get compromised by other people, we forget about some of them when we are in certain situations etc.

These standards affect how we live day to day and thus our happiness. If our standards are being compromised on a daily or weekly basis, chances are you will end up miserable

My challenge to you this week is sit down and spend some time writing down you life standards. What will you tolerate, but more importantly what wont you tolerate any more. Set your standards, live by it and live an extraordinary life….

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 14/7/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 14/7/14

This weeks Monday Morning Wake up call i recorded whilst out at the Sydney Harbour 10k Fun Run.
Awesome watching the leaders finish in under 30 minutes. Thats quick!

So what do you do in the mornings? Rollover and hit the snooze button or jump up out of bed and do some exercise and start the day off on a high…

Have a great week…

Here is footage of the 1st Male finishing.

Here is footage of Lauren winning the Female division
Amazing effort! if you are looking to get in to running or really want to take your running to the next level, Talk to Gary at

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 7/7/14

Monday Morning Wake Up Call 7/7/14

Morning, hope we are all fully pumped for an awesome week.

We have just started July and its scary how quickly the year has gone. Less than 6 months till Christmas and the new year. Now is a great time to take stock of how you are travelling for the year so far.

What had you set out to achieve at the start of the year? What were your goals? Your Aspirations? Your new years resolutions?

What have you actually achieved in the first 6 months? Are you on track to achieve your goals/resolutions? Or like may others is this the first time you have actually looked at your goals/resolutions that you set?

Spend some time this week to reset your goals/resolutions for the year, what steps do you need to take over the next 6 months to actually achieve them? Imagine getting to the end of the year, sitting down  and pulling out your goals/resolutions for the year and realising you have actually achieved what you set out to 12 months before! How much better quality do you think your new new years resolution & goals will be if you know you will actually achieve them rather than something your write down and forget about.

Have fun, enjoy it and have a great week….