Tim LeesAs a certified Business & Life Coach, Sydney-based Tim Lees offers expertise in leadership, sales and team building. As Founder of Performance & Executive Coaching, Tim’s mantra is: “It’s all about inspiring others to achieve amazing results and having fun.”

For his clients, it is Tim’s belief that every individual possesses amazing potential to be the best that we can be… to shine, to be the light to others. He says, “Imagine a community where we are all pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone, to be better than we were yesterday. How amazing could life be, how much better would our relationships be, our friendships, our community and society… with people being more productive, more excited, more passionate about their outlook. This is my dream, to make the world a more passionate, inspiring, loving place.”

As an entrepreneur, Tim has successfully worked in enterprise sales for 15 years, selling Business applications & Infrastructure to support evolving business requirements and helping build small and local businesses find their footing and their focus surrounding services and expansion into new business arenas.

In addition, his zest for life has been amped as an active team Sailor. He has been part of winning crews in eight national titles and 18 state titles—navigating everything from small 16-foot skiffs to 100-foot super maxi’s. The sport certainly depends on team building & leadership, relying upon each participant to do his or her job properly to be successful.

Tim is a Volunteer Telephone Crisis Counsellor with Lifeline, providing suicide and crisis support. This has provided amazing grounding for what is important in life, really highlighting the differences in what we see as problems in our lives can seem so insignificant when put into perspective of others. It is this base that Tim has grown to providing coaching services to help focus and align people to overcome limiting beliefs & live with purpose.